Since the formation of our organization in 2000, CRA Partners has helped hundreds of banks obtain the CRA credit they deserve for ensuring safe, secure senior living environments.  Currently, our programs operate in 47 states and protect more than 115,000 seniors in nursing homes, HUD facilities and state veterans homes. We have reduced crime in our member facilities by 96%, thanks to our bank partners’ funding and support.

Our Foundation assets are held in trust by Fifth Third Bank.  Despite recent challenges of several large banks, our partners can rest assured that assets held in Fifth Third’s custody are not assets or liabilities of Fifth Third Bank.  The Foundations’ assets are segregated from the Bank’s assets, so any difficulties a custodial bank may incur do not affect the health of our organization. Fifth Third Bank is well-capitalized and remains a source of strength and stability. Their role as custodian is to hold the assets for safekeeping, to collect dividends and interest and provide other similar services. Account ownership in the assets remains vested in the individuals or entities for whose benefit the Bank is acting as custodian and the assets are not subject to the claims of creditors of Fifth Third Bank.

Just as we have for over 22 years, we’ll continue to provide protection and an enhanced quality of life for vulnerable senior housing residents through meaningful turnkey CRA compliance for community focused banks. Thank you for your continued support.