Our Mission

Our mission is to provide safe and secure living environments for our nation's low-and-moderate income elderly population through the provision and administration of the nationally-acclaimed Senior Crimestoppers program. Funded exclusively by the banking industry, the Foundation enables banks a way to earn CRA credit through the sponsorship of this program in senior housing facilities, HUD communities, and Veterans homes in the form of community development loans, CRA-qualified investments, and grants. Read more about SHCPF or download our 2014 annual report.

Positive Community Impact

Crime and abuse against the elderly are constant battles, and the Foundation’s mission of administering the Senior Crimestoppers program to provide safe and secure living environments for all of our nation’s senior housing residents has never been more vital.  It cannot be overstated that there is a positive community impact for the low-and-moderate income senior housing residents who receive a better quality of life when they have safety, security and peace of mind.

Not only does the Foundation impact the lives of senior housing residents, we also impact the community outside of the long-term care industry through the CRA-qualified securities we purchase on behalf of our bank partners. As June 30, 2015 the community impact has reached approximately $183 Million.  These are a few ways the Foundation is impacting communities nationally in a powerful way.

•      5,160 affordable rental housing units
•      541 home mortgages for low- and moderate-income families
•      $240,000 in affordable healthcare services
•      $460,000 in economic development
•      $16.5 million in statewide homeownership programs and down payment assistance
•      $3.4 million in job creation and small business development
•      $25.3 million to states and municipalities for services to low- and moderate-income persons

Foundation Partner News

05/04/16 - First Columbia Bank & Trust Giving Bank to the Community by Protecting Seniors

Lance Diehl, First Columbia President & CEO, offers additional perspective, “As a bank, we know firsthand the importance of ensuring the safety of consumers’ money and valuables. The physical lockboxes for Grandview will certainly enhance security; however, the power of education and information cannot be understated. Helping seniors know what to be on the lookout for in terms of scams and wrongdoing is essential and can stop potential crime before it occurs.” Michele Boone, NHA at Grandview, adds, “We are so grateful to be a part of a small town community where helping others is important and evident through First Columbia Bank reaching out to offer us this opportunity to better serve our residents.”  More

04/06/16 - Volunteer State Bank Proudly Sponsors Senior Crimestoppers to Keep Seniors Safe in Portland, TN

"Volunteer State Bank is proud to sponsor the Senior Crimestoppers program in Highland Rim Terrace in Portland, TN. This program is a way for an administrator to further enhance the lives of the residents they serve," said Terry Rooker, president of Senior Crimestoppers. "They all work very hard to provide safe, secure, comfortable living environments and their desire to implement the program is just one more example of this. Implementing this program does not mean that the facility currently has a crime problem, but that the administrator is proactively finding a way to keep problems from occurring in the future."  More

04/04/16 - Standard Bank Supports Seniors Four Facilities in PA

“As a partner in this community and a partner in protecting our elderly, we are proud to stand together and keep our residents safe from the threat of neglect, abuse and now financial exploitation. This is a great program we are excited to help provide because it not only gives residents peace of mind, but also their families. Since 1913, Standard Bank has been a community bank that creates new and creative efforts to meet the lending and deposit needs of the communities they serve through affordable and flexible options coupled with excellent one-on-one customer service." said Tim Zimmerman, Standard Bank President & CEO.

03/16/16 - Landmark Bank Takes Pride in Protecting Residents at Newbwerry Heights Apts in Memphis

Landmark Bank President and CEO Jake Farrell says this program is another way the bank can support the community it serves. “Our seniors can often become victims of crime because they’re vulnerable, and that includes being taken advantage of financially,” Farrell said. “The Senior Crimestoppers program is designed to shield residents from those who wish to do them harm, and we are proud to play a small role in their great work.”  More

02/04/16 - Citizen Bank in Bowling Green KY Protects Seniors in Their Community

“Citizens First Bank believes in supporting our citizens and giving back to our communities. Providing the Senior Crimestoppers program at Glenview Health Care in Barren County is an excellent way to do that. Protecting our seniors is not only a privilege, but it is also a responsibility. They have worked hard and invested in our communities for many years. Citizens First Bank is proud to assist in providing them peace of mind and a safe and secure environment in which to live, especially at a time in their lives when they may be more vulnerable to crime,” said Todd Kanipe, President and CEO of Citizens First Bank.  More

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Transforming Lives

With the support of our partners, the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation transforms the lives of vulnerable nursing home residents. It is hard to overstate the transformative effect a bank can have on the life of an elderly person by removing fear from their lives — fear of neglect, fear of theft, fear of needing equipment and not knowing where to turn.

Marquez Hillard Story
Marquez’ Life changed in a second but with the help of Senior Crimestoppers, his wish came true. More

Carolyn Denny Story
The SHCPF has helped to open the pathways of communication for Carolyn. More

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Our bank partners transform the lives of vulnerable nursing home residents by removing fear of theft, neglect, and physical or financial abuse and the Senior Crimestoppers program gives them a place to turn when they need help.