Our Mission

Our mission is to provide safe and secure living environments for our nation's low-and-moderate income elderly population through the provision and administration of the nationally-acclaimed Senior Crimestoppers program. Funded exclusively by the banking industry, the Foundation enables banks a way to earn CRA credit through the sponsorship of this program in senior housing facilities, HUD communities, and Veterans homes in the form of community development loans, CRA-qualified investments, and grants. Read more about SHCPF or download our 2013 annual report.

Positive Community Impact

Crime and abuse against the elderly are constant battles, and the Foundation’s mission of administering the Senior Crimestoppers program to provide safe and secure living environments for all of our nation’s senior housing residents has never been more vital.  It cannot be overstated that there is a positive community impact for the low-and-moderate income senior housing residents who receive a better quality of life when they have safety, security and peace of mind.

Not only does the Foundation impact the lives of senior housing residents, we also impact the community outside of the long-term care industry through the CRA-qualified securities we purchase on behalf of our bank partners. As March 31, 2015 the community impact has reached approximately $134 Million.  These are a few ways the Foundation is impacting communities nationally in a powerful way.

•      2,886 Affordable Rental Housing Units
•      433 Home Mortgages for Low-to-Moderate-Income Families
•      $240,000 in Affordable Healthcare Services
•      $100,000 in Economic Development
•      $15 Million in Statewide Homeownership Programs and Down Payment Assistance
•      $2.7 Million in Job Creation and Small Business Development
•      $25.3 Million to States and Municipalities for services to Low-to-Moderate-Income Families

Foundation Partner News

06/09/15 - Complimentary World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Webinar

In honor of
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
View this Complimentary Webinar Hosted by
BITS, the technology policy division of the Financial Services Roundtable
and the
Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation
Learn How to Prevent Elder Financial Exploitation

Each year hundreds of thousands of seniors are exploited because studies show that as a person ages they lose their healthy sense of skepticism.  It doesn’t mean that they’re any less intelligent or capable; it just means they are more trusting, less discerning and more forgiving. They trust others to meet their most basic needs.  When that trust is broken, it throws millions of seniors into isolation and despair.  Elder financial exploitation is currently at epic proportions and the financial services industry has a responsibility to help those in our community against such horrific acts.  More

06/04/15 - Prevent Elderly Financial Exploitation

As a trusted provider of elder abuse prevention programs in our nation’s senior care facilities, people rely on the Foundation as a resource for information on a wide range of issues both inside and outside of a traditional long-term care setting. Our knowledge of the older American population and their challenges led us to produce this toolkit which gives your bank the ability to educate family,  friends, those in your social organizations and your community at large on how to look for signs of elder financial abuse and how to prevent it. Click here to order.  More

06/02/15 - Kearny Bank is Proud to Protect Seniors in West Orange, NJ

Craig Montanaro, President & CEO of Kearny Bank said, “We are a company committed to supporting the communities where our customers live, we are proud of this partnership and the positive influence it brings to the Alaris Health residents.” Senior Crimestoppers President Terry Rooker said, “Our program is a way for an administrator to further enhance the lives of the elderly residents they serve. They all work very hard to provide safe, secure, comfortable living environments and their desire to implement the program is just one more example of this. Implementing this program does not mean that the facility currently has a crime problem, but that the administrator is proactively finding a way to keep problems from occurring in the future.”  More

05/28/15 - Citizens Bank in Kentucky is Proud to Protect the Seniors in Their Community

Corey Craig, President/CEO of Citizens Bank says, "“Citizens Bank is proud to be the sponsor of this wonderful program for the residents of the Rockcastle Health and Rehabilitation Center.  Our community is blessed to have this wonderful facility and Citizens Bank is excited to be partnering with them to bring these much needed services.  Citizens Bank is committed to partnering with local business and organizations to help make the lives of those who live in our communities better.”  More

05/19/15 - National Cooperative Bank Serves Their Community by Protecting Seniors

National Cooperative Bank (NCB) recently joined the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation (SHCPF), and is helping to protect seniors by funding the Senior Crimestoppers program for residents of the Laurels of Hillsboro facility.  With NCB, Senior Housing Crime Prevention and the Laurels partnering together, it will further ensure a safer and even more secure environment for seniors.  More

Preventing Elder Financial Abuse Video and Toolkit is now available for order!

Click Here for more info.

How CRA Credit is Granted

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Transforming Lives

With the support of our partners, the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation transforms the lives of vulnerable nursing home residents. It is hard to overstate the transformative effect a bank can have on the life of an elderly person by removing fear from their lives — fear of neglect, fear of theft, fear of needing equipment and not knowing where to turn.

Marquez Hillard Story
Marquez’ Life changed in a second but with the help of Senior Crimestoppers, his wish came true. More

Carolyn Denny Story
The SHCPF has helped to open the pathways of communication for Carolyn. More

Innovative CRA Solution Webinar

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