(Springfield, IL) July 9, 2020 – Today, Community Bankers Association of Illinois (CBAI), through its business services subsidiary Community BancService Corporation, Inc (CBSC), just announced its endorsement of CRA Partners as a means to help reduce incidents of crime in area nursing homes, while offering banks the opportunity to earn CRA credit. CRA Partners is a subsidiary of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA).

The Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation is a 501(c)(3), established in 2000 as a way for banks to earn Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) credit through CRA-qualified loans and investments. The structure of the SHCPF opens a segment of society to service by banks – the residents, family members and staff of nursing homes and senior HUD housing properties. Supporting low-to-moderate income Senior housing residents is an approved CRA activity designated by the federal regulatory agencies, allowing banks to receive CRA credit for supporting Foundation programs in nursing homes, HUD senior housing projects and the nation’s Veterans Nursing Homes. The focus of the SHCPF is to reduce all aspects of crime and provide ongoing, effective crime prevention programs that ensure a safe and secure environment for the residents of senior housing. In part, this is accomplished through the installation of the Senior Crime Stoppers Program.

“It’s fitting that Illinois banks be the leaders in this initiative to make a difference in the quality of life for nursing home residents, particularly in light of the economic impact the age 50+ group – the group with parents and grandparents in these facilities – has on society,” according to Shawn Davis, President, CNB Bank & Trust, N.A., and CBSC Board Chairman. “In doing so, our community bankers will demonstrate their understanding, sensitivity, and responsiveness to issues affecting this large and important group in our state. We invite and encourage all member banks to be a part of this initiative.”

“It’s a win-win proposition for everyone,” said CRA Partners CEO David Lenoir. “The banks receive a return on their investment while helping nursing home, HUD housing residents and elderly veterans live in safe, crime free environments. “

“My experience with this organization during the last several years has been wonderful. I especially enjoy our visits to the senior homes and witnessing the smiling faces of the residents.” John Eilering, President, Mount Prospect Bank, Glenview, IL (A branch of Glenview State Bank).

For more information about the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation or to enroll in the program, visit www.SHCPFoundation.org or contact Ron Brooks at the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation at (901) 500-7538.