CRA Compliance Process Flow

CRA Partners is your partner every step of the way – from participation to examination.

The Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation (SHCPF) provides safe and secure living environments for our nation’s senior housing, HUD communities and veterans home residents through the administration of the nationally-acclaimed Senior Crimestoppers program.

  • Participating banks choose between making CRA-qualified community development loans, investments or grants to the Foundation for CRA credit
  • Each bank’s choice depends on which CRA credit component it wishes to enhance
  • The CRA Partners program is a 100% turnkey solution: a bank has no work, administrative burden or overhead

Transaction Process

Once the bank completes the first two steps, CRA Partners can rapidly implement the CRA credit program, even under tight deadlines.


Bank underwrites a loan or investment to SHCPF and commits to the funding.


Bank funds an amount sufficient to acquire a security with a minimum par value equal to the par value of the transaction. All dollars invested or loaned to the Foundation are fully collateralized with acquired investment-grade securities.


Proceeds from the funding are used to purchase a security at the bank’s discretion in the name of the SHCPF.


Security acquired is pledged by the SHCPF to secure the transaction.


Security is held by SHCPF’s custodian, Fifth Third Bank.


The Foundation receives coupon payment to support the Senior Crimestoppers program in low or moderate income (LMI) senior housing facilities.


Bank receives coupon, less SHCPF’s retention. A bank investing or loaning funds to the SHCPF will be provided the entire balance of the yield from the collateral investment, less the Foundation’s retention.


The bank receives CRA credit for the amount invested and/or loaned, and the collateral is returned to the bank.


The bank may receive full CRA credit, renewable for each calendar year that the funds remain with SHCPF.

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