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The Veterans Initiative is a program where the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation was asked by the National Association of State Veterans Homes to install the Senior Crimestoppers program in all 160 of the nation's state Veterans nursing homes to protect all 40,000 of our nation's Veterans so that they are allowed to live out the remainder of their lives in safe, secure environments free from the daily fear of crime, abuse, hostility and deprivation from personal freedoms.


Fred Sganga,
Former President of the National Association of State Veterans Homes and Executive Director, Long Island State Veterans Home at Stony Brook University explains the benefits of having the Senior Crimestoppers program at his facility.
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John Cooney
U.S. Army Air Force Staff Sergeant (ret.) Veteran Residing in Long Island Veterans Home at Stony Brook University explains what it means to Veterans to have the Senior Crimestoppers program in place where he lives.
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Protecting our nation's elderly veterans



The Problem: Incidents of crime and personal violation of our 40,000 Veterans living in State Veterans Nursing Homes is a constant daily occurrence and will no longer be tolerated.

The Mission: Ensure that all 40,000 Veterans currently living in 160 state Veterans nursing homes are allowed to live out the remainder of their lives in safe, secure, enhanced quality of life environments that are free from the daily fear of crime, abuse, hostility, and deprivation of personal freedom, as provided through the Senior Crimestoppers program.

The Request: The Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation has been asked to provide its Senior Crimestoppers program, through bank CRA support, to all 160 state Veterans nursing homes in America, covering all 40,000 Veteran residents.

The Acceptance: The Foundation board, on behalf of the banking industry that it serves, has accepted the request and is proud to include the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) and the American Bankers Association (ABA) in this initiative to ask every bank in the United States to make a sponsorship commitment to this project.

The Method: Banks can use the Foundation to make, no risk, fully-collateralized loans or investments for Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) credit for the seven (7) year sponsorship period.

Bank Benefits: Banks can chose their level of support and will enjoy national and local publicity and branch designation as being a part of this project while receiving positive CRA consideration. In addition, banks enjoy a turnkey project with no administrative burden and the recognition and exposure to the 26.4 million Veteran population who control over $1 trillion in net worth.

The Residual: Every Veteran living in a nursing home will give you a salute for ensuring that they are living in crime-free environments, and with ONE in SIX Americans being a part of the larger Veterans family, your bank will be noticed.

The Question: Will your bank participate in this mission?

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CRA credit was given to these banks for supporting the Veterans Initiative. Take a look:

Milford Federal Savings & Loan Association (MA) - OCC - 2012
Avidia Bank (MA) - FDIC - 2010

Citizens Bank (MS) - FDIC - 2010
East Carolina Bank (NC) - FDIC - 2009

I commend the Foundation for working with the banking industry to protect low and moderate income seniors and Veterans living in nursing homes. Your programs are providing critical community services that they might certainly otherwise go without. The Senior Crimestoppers program assures that these seniors have a safe place to call home. The FDIC strongly supports these efforts and we show it by granting CRA credit for loans and investments the banks make in the Foundation. This is an excellent example of how CRA qualifying activities show a positive return for the community, stake holders and ultimately the institution. Your work will be increasingly relevant for many years to come.

– Sheila Bair, Former Chairman, FDIC

Transforming Lives

With the support of our partners, the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation transforms the lives of vulnerable nursing home residents. It is hard to overstate the transformative effect a bank can have on the life of an elderly person by removing fear from their lives — fear of neglect, fear of theft, fear of needing equipment and not knowing where to turn.

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